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2022 / 05 / 13 Update 2.7.4

Patch note:

  • fixed a bug where the client was losing focus and the font was not so legible,
  • added some restrictions to Single Species hunts,
  • fixed a bug where a level 15 player did not receive notification from Bulma about a new quest at NPC Libee,
  • fixed Bulma's "Adjust" technique - it now removes negative effects properly,
  • from now on, "heal effectiveness" bonus applies to Bulma's Shield Charge, Full Repair and Protect techniques,
  • from now on, Piccolo's Rage technique no longer applies 2 minutes in fight condition (PZ),
  • strongly decreased monsters loot chance of wood,
  • added "Use right click to pick up items" option which will allow players to quickly pick up items from ground to backpack; the option is enabled by default,
  • made some big improvements to Training Island so the game is way easier for newcomers,
  • added a chance to get Golden items for exchanging future orbs at NPC Emradel; the bonuses in golden items will be chosen by player,
  • added a possibility to trade 3 Single Cell tokens for one random Diamond Core item,
  • added Future Orbs to reward pool for daily Drone Mission,
  • improved excavation system,
  • added pearl to be looted from treasure chests,
  • increased the cost of crafting all the keys at NPC Bulma,
  • added a possibility to trade Infernal Essences for some items at NPC Grim Reaper,
  • added safe spots on Robotic Island, where the timer will be stopped.
    Character Balance:
  • decreased damage from basic attacks,
  • increased damage from Magic Materialization.