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2022 / 07 / 04 Update 2.7.7

Patch note:

  • added new Dungeon Ug64,
  • added Clan Upgrading system including new bosses and bonuses,
  • added NPC Goldi in the Kiri's village, south of Giras spawn,
  • added passive ability to Bio Set (+10% Heal Effectiveness),
  • from now on, if player dies inside the Dungeon he will be respawned at the beginning of the dungeon; he will not lose his blessing but he will lose the experience,
  • removed loot bless and added Bless of Fortune instead (purchased from Kami on Korin Tower),
  • from now on, players would not lose their backpack after dying (except Purple of Black Flame),
  • change the protection level from 50 to 80,
  • reduced HP of all the monsters in Fallen King Quest by 50%,
  • from now on, if the player has got "Invisible" condition, he cannot be seen by monsters,
  • decreased damage dealt by Biotic Warrior 2.0 and Biotic Warrior 3.0 by 5%,
  • removed non-pvp zone near Future Dabura and Future Uranai Baba,
  • fixed skills restoring after Team Fight Event,
  • from now on Wraith Mantle, Evil Scythe, Zombie Brain are stackable.
  • Slightly increased loot chances for wood from following monsters: Drum, Susha, Annihilator, Crystal Robot, Undead Soldier, Oozaru, Balog, Wizard, Armored Oozaru, Volcanic Oozaru, Metal Cooler, Skeleton Phalanx and also their Future version,
  • Strongly increased loot chances for wood from following monsters: Young Bandit, Bandit, Strong Bandit, Elite Bandit, Lord Yao, Future Lord Yao, Zombie Slaughter.

Team Fight Event:

  • added brand new rewards,
  • from now on, teams will be spawned on random Biomes,
  • reduced Glimmer's HP by 50%,
  • from now on, 2 out of 4 Biomes will include stairs, where you will be able to run (we are looking for your feedback regarding this),
  • from now on, "Hide Players" is automatically disabled,
  • from now on, "Hide Team Members" is automatically enabled.

Premium shop:

  • added Key Ring which includes treasure Keys,
  • added Light Senzu Beans and Half Light Senzu Beans,
  • added Kame Backpack,
  • added floors.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed the exit of Fallen King Quest,
  • fixed a bug where sometimes in one room in dungeon UG32 there were two Biotic Warriors 2.0,
  • fixed a bug where sometimes Rubio did not reward us with Kinto,
  • fixed some bugs in Ranger Walker quest,
  • fixed an issue where sometimes player was not automatically turned on the way he wanted to walk in,
  • fixed some map bugs,
  • fixed a bug where the game tried to process a player's movement on Kinto when for example he tried to fly into a wall.