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2023 / 05 / 23 Update 2.10.2

Patch note:

  • from now on, it will no longer be possible to enter the reward room again after completing Dragon Ball Quest,
  • added information about damage dealt to Clan Boss, if we did not receive the reward due to low damage,
  • from now on, Gero's hp is doubled.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug with halo, that appeared after dying on Future Earth,
  • fixed a bug with items bonuses, which remained on Regular Earth after exiting Future Earth,
  • fixed an issue, where it was not possible to sign out from Gero Lab Event,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes it was not possible to complete Dragon Ball Quest,
  • fixed an issue with new Saga, when it was teleported on water,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes it took more items than intended while unlocking Clan Achievements,
  • fixed an issue with passive effect of Bulma's Air Strike technique,
  • fixed an issue with Sapphire Horn; from now on, it will properly give stats.