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2024 / 07 / 10 Update 2.14.0

Patch note:

  • added "The Power Awakens" quest (last transformation unlock),
  • added Daily Boss in Hunter Squad - Mystic Wolf (more to come),
  • added Wolf's Lucky Dagger trinket,
  • added the first profession: Archaeologist,
  • implemented the renovation system,
  • added the treasury room system, which can be encountered at 50 profession level during excavations,
  • from now on, players will no longer see the location of the person they are searching for or trying to teleport to when using Ki Sense or Shunkanido.
  • added a window for opening the Single Cell item.
  • from now on, if the attacker's level is 30% higher than the victim's, the victim will not lose blessings, orbs, or experience after dying on Future Earth (the change is intended to eliminate the Power Abusing and applies only to peaceful players),
  • from now on, the leaderboard for the Daily Cage event (RE & FE) will now refresh every 30 minutes and will refresh live one hour before the global save (thanks to @gabro.99),
  • added "Emerald Testers Tome" Kinto skin to the game,
  • renamed the Kinto skin "Tome of Discovery" to "Ruby Testers Tome",
  • added a new backpack, a skin for Puar, and a Kinto skin, available only during the Toriyama Event,
  • added cooldown display to active skills in the descriptions of all sets,
  • from now on, the Clan Skirmish Equalizer can provide a maximum of a 10% damage boost (previously 25%),
  • added the "Against the Monsters" quest,
  • added a new system related with the more/less bonuses,
  • added Afterimage Implant (additional stack of Zanzoken), Nano Implant (provides half of the level's stats - HP/Ki/Cap/Level power), Capability Implant (unlocks skill level cap by 1), and Level Unlocker (increases level cap by 5) to Dr. Brief's shop,
  • from now on, the Permissive Implant provides 75 cap instead of 50 (thanks to @komarenko.),
  • adjusted the number of all Beowulf tasks; now it requires defeating 50,000 Androids, and repeatable tasks require 100,000.
  • from now on players can complete repeatable tasks at Beowulf without completing other tasks first,
  • added the "Hidden Laboratories" quest,
  • added 4 new Androids along with new hunting grounds,
  • added the Android Heart trinket,
  • added 2 new versions of Metal Coolers along with new hunting grounds,
  • added the Cooler's Stone trinket,
  • adjusted the opening times of Skirmish Grounds to fixed times of day regardless of Global Save,
  • from now on, players will be notified every time before Skirmish Grounds opens,
  • added requirement to enter Skirmish Grounds in PvP mode - 500 PvP Points,
  • from now on players will lose PvP points and a portion of their accumulated experience upon death in Skirmish Grounds, and their attackers will gain these rewards,
  • added an achievement system to Skirmish Grounds,
  • from now on PvP raids on Skirmish Grounds will occur more frequently,
  • increased experience gain and loot in PvP mode on Skirmish Grounds from 10% to 15%,
  • added several safe spots on Androids hunting grounds, where players can stay safely,
  • shortened the first, second, and third rooms in CC Lab,
  • reduced the number of Zauropeltas and Gastonias to kill in the fourth room,
  • added a mailbox capsule to the premium shop for 10 gems (thanks to @bvng),
  • increased the cap for Fire Opals from 1000 to 3000,
  • added the option for random landing on Future Earth,
  • added the Time Machine Capsule (available in the premium shop and from the Lab. Warehouseman), which allows setting the Time Machine in any PZ location on Regular Earth,
  • added the Cursed Padlock trinket, which increases damage to mimic chests by 30% (thanks to @kylledz),
  • from now on, slaying Enraged monsters will grant Fire Opals 4 times more often (thanks to @kylledz),
  • from now on enraged monsters will now give a 150% experience bonus instead of 20%,
  • from now on the Vigorous Implant will provide 60 HP instead of 30 HP (thanks to @bvng),
  • added the Puar Name Changer to the premium shop (thanks to @kaminarihimawari),
  • removed owner's nickname in the Home Assistant's name,
  • added a small chance of receiving points for the Robotic Island shop by defeating regular robots (thanks to @fcio92),
  • increased HP of Biotic Spark 3.0 and its summons - Sparks,
  • removed a possibility to dig two excavations at the same time,
  • added the following items to the emerald treasure chest: Wolf's Lucky Dagger, Android Heart, Cooler's Stone, Cursed Padlock,
  • added options "Display other players hitpoints" and "Display other players healing", which allow us to hide DMG and Healing of other players.

Balance changes:
Full Control

  • duration reduced from 4s to 3.5s,
  • when Full Control is not active, Trunks now receives an additional 4% DMG Reduction damage from monsters that have not been hit by any other player.

Burning Attack

  • damage will now be dealt over three turns instead of one cumulative hit.
    The nerf to the duration of Full Control aims to reduce the character's still highly developed mobility. Additionally, during the passive phase of this technique, Trunks will receive DMG Reduction in PvE, which should slightly improve this character's performance in solo hunts. Analyzing recent battles and wars, we concluded that Trunks' dominant aspect is his combo, which should be significantly weaker after this update due to the nerf on Burning Attack – despite the retained DMG, it will be spread over time.

Tenma Defense

  • while the technique is active, Gohan now receives 8% DMG Reduction in PvP and PvE (from monsters that have not been hit by any other player).
    Gohan is a character that needs to get close to the enemy, putting his life at great risk. We hope that the boost he receives will make approaching less risky.

Ki Barrier

  • while Ki Barrier is active, Dende now receives 7% DMG Reduction in PvP and 15% in PvE (from monsters that have not been hit by any other player).
    Dende has the least amount of HP, and a moment of inattention can guarantee death. Therefore, we decided to increase the defensive capabilities of this support character.

Air Strike

  • increased cooldown from 1.5s to 1.6s.
    Bulma is a self-sufficient support character who lacks nothing. She outperforms Dende in survivability and solo hunting capabilities, which led us to slightly increase the cooldown of Air Strike.

Piccolo & Buu:

  • reduced the healing from Regeneration technique by around 25%.
    This change is due to the significant healing advantage over other classes, not just with the Regeneration technique, but also with senzu beans that restore HP by %. We hope this will balance hunting and slightly reduce the capabilities of both tanks.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug where you could duplicate hotkeys, e.g., setting three different techniques under the same hotkey,
  • fixed the Clan Skirmish Equalizer,
  • fixed an issue where Dende's flower could not be clicked during Skirmish Grounds,
  • fixed a bug where the player's avatar was incorrectly displayed on Skirmish Grounds,
  • fixed a bug where the number of monsters killed was incorrectly counted after an ally left the arena on Skirmish Grounds,
  • fixed a bug with the non-PvP zone on Oozaru, where players could fight on Regular Earth,
  • removed the regular Golden Oozaru that spawned on Future Earth,
  • fixed many map bugs,
  • fixed a bug where Savager targeted Bulma's drones,
  • fixed a bug where the player could lose the advanced bonus gadget while assigning a bonus,
  • corrected the name "exp coin" on the experience progress bar (previously "exp token"),
  • fixed a bug where PZ Lock disappeared faster than the tooltip indicated.

PS. Our TOS has been updated due to the addition of the Puar Name Changer and the Home Assistant in the past to the premium shop. The point that has been updated and is effective from today's global save:
Names of characters, Home Assistans (robots) and Puars suggesting cooperation with Return of the Saiyans containing personal data, offensive, obscene, sexually explicit, vulgar, racist or insulting, or the origin of other Users are prohibited. Additionally, names that make player identification difficult and names that are a nonsensical string of characters are also forbidden. Any attempt to circumvent this Agreement by changing spelling, etc. will be treated as a violation of the above rules. Return of the Saiyans can change the Player's nickname, robot's and Puar's name, suspend or ban accounts in case of repeated violations.