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2020 / 09 / 26 Update 1.5.17

  • made some improvements to Puar so we believe it will work as intended now,
  • set the damage limit of Gohan's "hidden potential" technique to 10k,
  • decreased Androids' wave damage in Time Chamber,
  • removed "Texture filtering" option; from now on it's automatically enabled for everyone and it's responisble for pixeling the game,
  • from now on, Bulma will be able to craft more than one shovel or key,
  • added info regarding monster's level in ROTSpedia,
  • removed information about market in the premium cards tooltips in premium shop,
  • from now on, it will be possible to get 105 focus skill,
  • removed sorting option by "hidden tier" in market since it is no longer available in game,
  • fixed a bug in the 4th room of CC Lab, where info regarding boss popped up after 2 completed tasks,
  • from now on, our character should not move when we try to walk into another player if there is no room (double fixed this feature),
  • added brand new item to the premium shop which will renew all the Blessings and Energy Points,
  • decreased Tier 3 Reveal Gadget price from 15 000 to 3 000 zeni.

Don't forget about Boss Event that takes place between server saves on 26.09 and 28.09.