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2020 / 11 / 07 Update 1.5.23

  • from now on, after purchasing premium bag, premium backpack or premium box there won't be any gem-fee charged,
  • added a brand new item to the premium shop - premium coin - it will add 10 gems to the player who uses it,
  • added Obelisk Tomb Quest,
  • from now on, everyone involved in another player's unjustified death will receive a "frag". It's related with the new war system which will be live on October 14,
  • added a possibility to make "buy offers" on market for non premium players,
  • fixed Spanish translations so it should work as intended now,
  • added gates of experience (level requirement gates) which will appear in new quests,
  • added one more wish for Shenlong - new look of healing techniques,
  • from now on, every new account created will get 7 free premium days instead of 3 (it's been already live for a while),
  • from now on, it will be possible to use Shunkanido between Hell, Namek and Earth,
  • fixed notification while opening Pearls on Kinto,

In addition, we also made some changes in Goku's transformation level requirements:
110 level -> 80 level
180 level -> 150 level
260 level -> 225 level