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2021 / 05 / 10 Update 2.2.7

  • fixed an issue where Buu Chocolates were not reducing DMG from all sources,
  • added new houses in West Capitol; they'll be available to purchase from 15th of May.

Monsters rebalance
Monsters that have increased DMG:

  • Future Drum,
  • Future RR Soldier,
  • Future Giras,
  • Future Susha,
  • Future Pterodactyl,
  • Future Skeleton,
  • Future Mummy,
  • Future Skeleton Warrior,
  • Future Swamp Spider,
  • Future Toxic Spider,
  • Future Gobisaurus,
  • Royal Balog,
  • Vampire Warden,
  • Fallen Guardian.

Monsters that have decreased DMG:

  • Future Annihilator,
  • Future Lord Yao,
  • Future Vampire,
  • Future Kiri,
  • Future Destroyer,
  • Future Pterosaur,
  • Future Frozen Skeleton,
  • Future Frozen Skeleton Warrior,
  • Future Crystal Robot,
  • Future Green Kiri,
  • Future Balog,
  • Future Wizard,
  • Future Rusty Robot,
  • Future Crystal Spider,
  • Future Armored Oozaru,
  • Future Volcanic Oozaru,
  • Future Imperialist,
  • Future Devil,
  • Future Metal Cooler.

In the next update we will also rebalance level 475+ monsters. Additionally, some monsters will have their loot changed, so the Future Orbs will have more chances to drop at the expense of other items that drops from them.