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2021 / 02 / 09 Update 2.1.19

  • added Valentine's Event which will end on February 22,
  • lowered price for upgrading jewellery; from now on it depends on its class,
  • added 41 new flats and houses in West Capitol,
  • from now on, the trade window at NPC Warehouseman (CC Lab.) and upgrading jewellery window at NPC Rubio should close automatically after walking away few SQMs of the NPCs,
  • from now on, switching jewellery using RMB should work properly,
  • added new option in the Option Menu - Select next target using "Fast Target" hotkey,
  • from now on, it should no longer split stackable items (above 100) if we move them in stash container,
  • from now on, the nickname of the house owner is also visible on the windows,
  • fixed a bug with tapestries, so they should not disappear anymore from exterior walls,
  • from now on, the target selection should not disappear after receiving damage from techniques which move back the player,
  • decreased the duration of all the Event food from 15 to 10 minutes,
  • added Supreme Set to Mimics' drop.