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2021 / 07 / 20 Update 2.4.0

Patch Note:

  • changed the characters speed system of walking,
  • from now on, it is possible to reach level 435,
  • added The Wish Quest,
  • added Legend of the Fallen King Quest,
  • added a possibility to increase the amount of Clan members,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to leave, disband or invite new members to Clan during a war,
  • from now on, if player has got PZ Lock (PvP), the PvP Blessing will reduce 50% experience instead of 90%, and in addition player will lose all the energy and Loot Blessing,
  • from now on, after dying while having purple or black flame, our items won't be trashed; all will be inside our soul, including backpack,
  • fixed Zanzoken in Monster Zone Event,
  • improved the display of numbers in house auctions; it should be more legible now,
  • from now on, the highscores section on website will show players who reached a given level of skills first,
  • added "search" to Stash,
  • from now on, after using the modern military compass item (available from Hunter Squad), it will show the closest excavation on the minimap,
  • from now on, every player after entering the Team Fight Event will have all positive and negative conditions and food removed,
  • from now on, after pressing the exit button at the gym, the exp boost won't renew,
  • added a new hotkey - autofly on Kinto,
  • from now on Professor Tusk will inform players about how much experience they received from Daily Task,
  • fixed visual bug, where Recovery appeared also on Dende while he was healing an ally,
  • from now on, the Mystic Attack (Piccolo) and Gummy Embrace (Majin) techniques have priority set to Team Member even if a monster is selected,
  • added Rich Presence on Discord,
  • from now on, after getting on Kinto, players should not lose HP,
  • added a level requirement (30) for Kinto Quest,
  • from now on, players will no longer receive a free premium after creating an account,
  • added an option "check" after clicking RMB on item which will allow to check the item in ROTSpedia,
  • improved description of the following bonuses: LESS DMG, MORE DMG, DMG, Heal effectiveness, Critical chance, Dodge chance,
  • made some changes in Chat channels,
  • added new bosses to Monster Zone Event,
  • fixed the appearance of waves in each level range in Monster Zone Event,
  • from now on, Supporting Characters should no longer disappear after getting on Kinto or using Shunkanido,
  • fixed matchmaking on Team Fight Event,
  • from now on, player will receive notifications from Bulma if he receives a reply on Helpdesk,
  • from now on, players will be able to check every single specie monster in ROTSpedia,
  • fixed some visual bugs in ROTSpedia,
  • fixed a bug with minimizing the Battle & VIP list windows,
  • improved the updater, from now on it only downloads missing files, and the program forces it to be run as an administrator,
  • changed the Kamehameha colour to blue,
  • added tooltips with descriptions to all blessings,
  • enabled rewards for monthly PVP Points,
  • added consolation prizes for losing a Team Fight Event,
  • decreased the amount of monsters on respawns with Goldenscythe Devils and Crystalscythe Devils,
  • added Hall of Fame in West Capitol,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to use Shunkanido to player who is a soul.

Future Earth:

  • from now on, our equipment will be safe when dying on Future Earth,
  • added Future Energy, which will prevent from losing the experience and will add a boost to bonuses,
  • from now on, it's possible to buy Future Orbs from NPC Emradel for 30 000 zeni,
  • fixed a bug, where daily "Drones" mission was blocked if we completed other missions,
  • from now on, if a monster does MOST DMG, and the player will just last hit another player, death will count as from the player's hand, not the monster's,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to use Shunkanido from Future Hell to Regular Earth,
  • from now on, Future Uranai Baba will teleport us to Future Hell even if we are on Kinto,
  • added a possibility to do CC Lab quests on Future Earth, for each killed Future Monster we will get 2 kill points and for Enraged 3,
  • from now on, monsters with level 400+ will decrease Heal Effectiveness by 50% instead of 60%,
  • changed graphically Nature on Future Earth.

Changes to Food & Useable items from Hunter Squad
hp regen: 350-450 + 18-20%
cd: 1.5s
cost: 150 zeni

Heals for 18 to 20% health instantly.
Additionally, it adds 350 to 450 health.

Bottle of water
regen: 400-500 + 15-17%
cd: 1.5s
cost: 150 zeni

Regenerates 15 to 17% Ki points instantly.
Additionally, it adds 400 to 500 Ki points.

First aid kit
regen hp: 60%
regen ki: 50%
cd: 90s
cost: 5,000 zeni

Regenerates 60% health and 50% Ki points instantly.
CD: 90 seconds.

Military canned food
hp regen: 5%
ki regen: 5%
exp: + 2%
regen time: 300s
cost: 3300 zeni

Regenerates 750% health and Ki points over 5 minutes.
Additionally, it provides 2% experience boost during that time.