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2021 / 09 / 08 Update 2.5.0

  • fixed a bug, where player could have opened 2, the same chat tabs,
  • fixed a bug, where it was not possible to use Ki Wall on Kinto's shadow,
  • from now on, it is possible to rope player from a hole with some objects on it,
  • fixed a bug, where DMG% for melee attacks did not increase upon activation of Hidden Potential,
  • fixed a bug with Monster Zone Event which sometimes caused server crashes,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to lock items in Quest Pouch,
  • increased experience for mini actions (fissures, mimics, bosses),
  • from now on, killing a boss will give 15 task kills in daily and CC Lab. tasks,
  • improved description of "Agility" skill, so now it informs players that it works on melee attacks only,
  • from now on, after clicking on the "F" icon on the Menu Bar, list of our social media will appear,
  • fixed a bug, where player was not stunned while using map click,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to reach 100% tenacity; the cap is set to 70%,
  • added Dino Bone, Ruby and Emerald to some monsters' loot - more info can be found in RotSpedia in game,
  • fixed a system of visual effect, which should appear after rewarding players with item or exp,
  • fixed a graphic effect (shader) on Gummy Embrace; after using it on ally it will loop for 7s, not 4s,
  • from now on, banishment will apply the whole account, not the server,
  • improved displaying of Warnings in characters list,
  • added a notification regarding blessings loss after changing class using Medical Machine,
  • fixed an issue, where Dende's melee attacks have been delayed a bit by e.g. using Senzu Beans,
  • from now on, after changing a class by Shenlong wish, player does not lose his blessings nor future energy,
  • from now on, player does not need to unequip while changing class by Shenlong wish,
  • from now on, Energy Bar is different for each class,
  • fixed a bug, when after dying player had to unequip and equip back all the items with Ki and Hp regen to make them 'working',
  • from now on, it is possible to use Zanzoken on Puar or Camera,
  • changed price of some jewellery at NPC Rubio,
  • from now on, kills in Daily Tasks from Professor Tusk and NPC Emradel will count in the same way as tasks in CC Lab - for the whole team,
  • removed every !invite and !owner list from houses due to the bug.