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2022 / 11 / 24 Update 2.8.3


  • from now on, the Daily on Future/Regular Earth will have draw range from level -60 to infinity (works only for characters with level 435),


  • fixed visual bugs in Bulmas dialogues; the scroll bar covered some of the text,
  • fixed 'ignore' option - it should no longer reset after Global Save,
  • fixed a bug, where it was not possible to use Pickaxe on SQM with blood,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to enable Clan Buffs on Team Fight Event,
  • fixed a bug, where implants were not active after Team Fight Event,
  • fixed a bug, where player lost Korin's Mixture effect after Team Fight Event,
  • fixed an issue, where it didn't show negative Defense stats on some items' tooltip,
  • fixed an issue, where player could block Clan Stash while disconnected.

Character Balance changes
Air Strike

  • changed damage area,
  • from now on, Air Strike is casted instantly; it doesn't require mouse click confirmation anymore,
  • decreased Damage buff from passive: 20% → 15%.
  • CD: 3s → 12s,
  • Significantly increased damage.
  • Significantly decreased shield value,
  • Ki cost: 5% → 3%.
    EMP Charge
  • Silence duration: 3s → 1.5s.

Full Control

  • Trunks gets additional 30% dodge chance from all techniques.