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2020 / 09 / 25 Boss Event

Hi guys!

The next patch is approaching and that's why tomorrow's server save will last a bit longer than usual. It will bring mainly bug fixes and the detailed patch note will be posted tomorrow. In addition, we hope you didn't plan your weekend because there will be a Boss Event! Yes, starting from 26th of September till 28th of September, Bosses will spawn twice often than usual! So be careful, because they are much stronger than normal monsters!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2020 / 09 / 19 Update 1.5.16

Hello dear players!

There will be lots of news and some bug fixes in today's update. In addition, we received a letter from CC Biotech Lab's CEO. We want to share his words with you:
"Dear Capsule Corp Biotech Laboratories employees, helpers and volunteers!

I - Professor Oak - your immediate supervisor, want to thank you sincerely for all the data you collected for CCBiotech Lab. during your adventures. All the information you provided is invaluable for our department. But Humans, Namekians, Saiyans shall not live by thanks alone. We don't want you to get us wrong... There won't be any additional payments for the tasks! We've got something much better! Our cybernetic and mechatronic team is already developing a special micro technology to improve (short-term but intense) your skills. If they manage to develop it successfully and there won't be any issues during the tests, it may be in your hands. But the most important is that we have discovered Mad Scientist's island! However, building a small unit in the local forest will take around 30 days or longer. Unfortunately, to get to the Mad Scientist's workshop and deep into the island, we will need the codes which this bastard posses! But it's your job to do! Besides the free access to the island and several gadgets we're planning to prepare some prototypes for you. However, we have no guarantee that they will pass the safety tests (our testers have recently become terribly sensitive to pain). We also ensure that you will be automatically assigned to the new Capsule Corp Cybertech unit, which will research strange mechanical creatures created by Mad Scientist!

So, thank you all once again! Goodluck!

Kind Regards,
Prof. Oak."

As you could read, CC Biotech Lab. prepares something special for you! If you haven't joined them yet, run to West Capitol Depot and head to upper floor. You will find Professor Oak there which will be more than happy to invite you to their department. Anyway, let's focus on today's update. Here is the patch note:

  • from now on, there shouldn't pop up any window regarding disconnects during the server save,
  • from now on, the half sensu bean's tooltip should display correct information about HP and KI gain,
  • from now on, high class senzu will additionally restore a flat value of KI and HP,
  • added Uranai Baba Saga,

  • from now on, players should not take damage from the mob if their reduction is higher than incoming damage,
  • decreased the time of Global Save - it should take couple of seconds now instead of 10 minutes,
  • added a brand new button that allows automatic flying on Kinto,
  • from now on, all the features on market will be available for non premium players (including creating offers),
  • fixed "Limit Reduction" technique so it does not turn off the light anymore,
  • from now on Dende's passive effect of "Cure" technique should protect player from any debuffs for 5 seconds,
  • from now on Dende's "Shori Mame" technique creates from 15 to 23 Senzu Beans (high class),
  • from now on, our character should not move when we try to walk into another player if there is no room,
  • fixed platinum bands so now it allows players to skill up to 105 attack speed,
  • adjusted some parts of Shenlong dialogues,
  • fixed streaming players list so it is not covered by button anymore,
  • fixed attack speed implant value in tooltip,
  • from now on, some notifications (e.g. Sorry, can not fly there) will be displayed just above the menu bar instead of screen center,
  • added a possibility to obtain a Pink Backpack in game,
  • added a Violet Backpack to NPC Serene's selling list (she's got her store in Central Capitol),
  • increased experience of mini boss - it should give 20x more exp than the original creature,
  • added some public farms near West Capitol,

Some hunting areas changes:

  • added 2 new hunting places of Pirate Robots,
  • added 1 new hunting place of Frozen Oozarus,
  • modified 1 hunting place of Destroyers,
  • enlarged corridors in the vampire crypt (the one behind garlic necklace).

We also made some changes in the items bonuses. All the tiers will be shown on the item at once, so it won't be needed to use Tier Reveal Gadget anymore. Tier 3, 4 and 5 will still require bonus reveal gadgets!

That's it! We believe it was a really long text but we hope you like the news and changes! Which one is your favourite? Feel free to share your feelings and opinions regarding the patch with us! We will be more than happy to read all the comments!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2020 / 09 / 12 Update 1.5.15

Hello dear players!

There will be lots of good news in today's patch. As we already mentioned Professor Oak did some changes in his rooms of CC Biotech Lab. He decided to lower the level required for picking up all the tasks in room 1 and 2. He also changed the amount of kills needed to complete the tasks - it's lowered a lot so newcomers wouldn't spend many hours sitting on one type of monsters just to finish the task. Keep in mind that this change applies only to the first room, amount of kills in other rooms is not changed. Since it will be much easier to complete the first tasks, CC Biotech Lab crew is afraid of abusing them by players to earn points. That's why the following tasks will not grant any CC points: Rats, Wolves, Bears, Snakes, Crabs, Dark Wolves, Grizzlies. However, the experience reward will be higher for finishing tasks in the first room. Last but not least, Professor Oak also decided to open the 4th room with many new, infinity repeatable tasks. Get ready, players!

Today's patch brings us some Shenlong changes, too. The main thing are the new wishes. Shenlong will be able to grant new wishes, such us: unlocking possibility to train up to 105 skill, obtaining new items with bonuses, new Puar, Kinto and techniques skins.

In addition, we received so many reports regarding mini actions Bosses. They are hard to kill and the rewards are shi... not so good. From today, Bosses have got weaker regeneration but their HP is increased. We also did some changes to their loot. From now on, everyone who dealt at least 10% dmg to them will receive minimum one item (it goes to backpack as soon as the boss dies). We also added Pearls to their loot.

Next change is about daily tasks. For completing a daily task, you will receive additional 1 boss point. After collecting 3 of them, you will be able to fight any CC Biotech Lab boss you choose (you can choose only between the bosses you already defeated in the past). Talk to Professor Tusk to check the current amount of points.

Last but not least, we believe you are not so busy at this weekend! After today's server save (12/09/2020) there will be a double loot event on the server and it will last until Monday's server save (14/09/2020).

Feel free to visit our premium shop! There will be 3 new skins to Puar & Kinto. We hope you'll love them!

Smaller fixes and changes:

  • from now on, Buu's Chocolate Beam increases the regeneration from food,
  • from now on, Dende's Benevolence's passive ability (Shenlong) is activated below 20% HP instead of 30% and it also works on Dende, even if he's not in any Team,
  • from now on, additional information will appear on the food tooltip about what regeneration players have from bonuses: HP REGEN,% HP REGEN, KI REGEN,% KI REGEN.

Well... if you're here it means you read everything. Yes, that's it. We hope you liked the reading. As always, feel free to leave a comment about all the news and changes. And don't forget about the Double Loot Event!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.