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2020 / 03 / 22 Upcoming update

Hello dear players!

Due to the mechanical damage of Master Roshi's boat, the brilliant constructor Bulma, decided to personally deal with this problem and immediately started to repair the boat. As it may take some time to gather the necessary tools and to order some parts for repair, we cannot say the exact time and date when the boat will be repaired. However, Bulma gives us her word she does her best and she will try to repair it as quick as possible.

Secondly, Vegeta said it's finally a time to bring his signature technique to the Return of the Saiyans world. So here we are - Galick Gun will be added as a brand new technique for Vegeta in the next patch.

In addition, there will be also some changes in Dende. We heard him several times talking to himself "I am not as weak as you think!". You will see a small part of his growing power in the next patch. Dende will get additional passive bonuses to two techniques he already has. But don't worry! He didn't say his last word yet. All we can say is, we're working already on his brand new technique set and you will be able to experience them in next few patches. We're sure that after all the changes Dende will be more attractive character to play.

We also have to admit that the current patch has been done in a wrong way. Let's say we tied our hands and it was impossible to add several small patches. But we don't want to talk about details. Fortunately we found a fix of that issue and we hope the next patches won't be so problematic for us.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2020 / 03 / 09 Dragon Balls mislead.


From the beginning there were lots of questions about how long it takes for Dragon Ball to appear on the ground. Our answer was simple - 3 hours, but... that's not really a true. It turned out that the real Dragon Ball respawn is 1 hour. Sorry for misleading you guys. In general nothing really changed - there was always 1h respawn time and the amount of Dragon Balls stays the same on the server. Of course, you could look a big longer for them if you would know the exact time, but not only you would look for them - everyone would. So summarizing - none got hurt, and the real respawn time is 1 hour and first Dragon Ball appears 1 hour after Global Save. We'll not change that. It will stay as it is.Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2020 / 03 / 07 Game improvements!

Hi everyone,

We're happy to announce that our main goal in the nearest future will be to bring new content for you, players! Recently, we've fixed most of the critical bugs in the game and things which were bothering both - us and players the most, and that's a huge step towards new content in the game.

So, you might ask - what you're gonna add first?
Here is the answer. There are several things we're focusing at the same time now:

  • adding Sagas,
  • improving current hunting areas and adding new ones,
  • creating new monsters,
  • balancing characters (Yes, we remember about you, Vegeta & Dende).

Here are the things you can expect to be added in the nearest future. Stay tuned! Thanks for being with us!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.