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2023 / 01 / 30 Boss Event

Greetings Saiyans!

This weekend we'll host another event! Between Global Saves on Friday and Monday Bosses will spawn more often than usual! In addition, each defeated boss will give you 3 boss points! Happy hunting!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2023 / 01 / 18 Newcomer Event!

Jack, the Hunter is visiting West Capitol this weekend! He wants to check if you can meet his challenges!

Jack is a born hunter who will share his tasks with you, and you will decide what monsters you want to hunt! For every task completed you will get a nice rewards and obviously the tasks will be repeatable!

Good luck!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2023 / 01 / 11 Update 2.8.10

Dear players!

Agent J has got some fresh news to share! There was a new spaceship spotted near East Capitol - UG128! It looks like it's way different than previous ones. As usual, there are some rewards for everyone who wants to help in exploring the ufo!

Along with today's update, we completely changed the Team Fight Event matchmaking algorithm. We believe the teams will be much more balanced now! Feel free to inform us about this change after the first events. In addition, we want to assure you that it is not the last change in Team Fight Event. For sure, there will be more changes and improvements in the future!

We're bringing back feature with heal and senzu into the game! From today's update, every character will be able to focus his KI on healing abilities. It means, players won't need to keep spamming healings all the time - our KI will do it for us! Also, we didn't forget about Bulma. Since she doesn't have KI, she developed her Nanotechnology a bit and her robot will repair itself automatically. We believe this feature will make your game easier, better and more comfortable! In addition, your tablet will constantly scan your HP and KI, and will apply Senzu Beans on you automatically in the best possible moment! Of course it is an optional way, if you trust your fingers more, you can keep the old system. We hope that every Saiyan will be happy with this change now!

In the past, we haven’t intervening in cases where players were abusing minor or "well known" bugs which were not game breaking. As it seems now, it wasn’t a proper way of dealing with it, cuz it led to some cases, in which players felt permission to actually take advantage of game's errors. From now on we will be way more strict in that matter.

Patch note:

  • added new dungeon - UG128,
  • changed loot for each difficulty level in dungeons:
    easy: 100% -> 90%,
    medium: no changes
    hard: 120% -> 135%
    extremely hard: 130% -> 150%
  • added new Kinto skins, which can be purchased for UG Tokens at npc Agent J,
  • added a possibility to focus your KI on healing abilities (Nanotechnology for Bulma),
  • from now on, tablet will constantly scan players' HP and KI and automatically apply Senzu Beans on them in the right moment,
  • changed the algorithm of matchmaking in Team Fight Event,
  • from now on, fished crabs will disappear after 60 seconds of being undamaged,
  • replaced PvP statue (overall) with PvE statue (based on Exp Tokens),
  • opened hunting area with Destroyers and Future Destroyers near North Capitol,
  • from now on, killing Enraged Monster in Future Daily Monster will count as 2 kills and boss as 15 kills,
  • from now on, time of premium account will be displayed more clearly (hours and minutes counter added),
  • added mini boss for Advanced Cooler and Future Advanced Cooler.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed animation of Capsule (Depot) in Capsule Corporation,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes the halo would not disappear after leaving heaven/hell,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes player who died on Future Earth went to Heaven and lost experience as for dying on Regular Earth,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes Bulma could use Flamethrower through walls,
  • fixed a bug, where Study Time technique did not stack with passive technique of Bio Set - Bio Salutem,
  • fixed an issue, where passive technique of Bio Set - Bio Salutem did not work after dying.

Character Balance changes
Tenma Defense

  • Ki Shield: 15% -> 12%

Full Control

  • Dodge 30% -> 40%

Best Regards,
RotS Team.