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2021 / 09 / 14 Update 2.5.2

Hello our lovely players!

First of all, after today's update a fight with bots will be way easier! In addition, we're implementing anticheat system to the game client which will be checking players from time to time if they use any illegal software or not. Keep in mind, that every player caught by our system will be permanently banned and it will be a final decision, so there won't be any chance to change it or unban the account. We believe it will be a huge step in Return of the Saiyans develop and players will have much less work in reporting the rule violation.

Secondly, we've seen that you don't do good in Robotic Island after the last patch. That's why along with today's update we're decreasing power of all the monsters, including bosses living on the Island. We believe every solo player should be able to use his 30 minutes there without risk of dying. Besides decreasing mobs' power, we increased the frequency of looting pearls and also changed their rarity. In the first zone, monsters would drop blue pearls instead of black ones, in the second zone they would drop purple pearls instead of blue and in the last zone there will be red pearls available instead of purple ones. We keep the pearls as the only loot from the mobs, that's why we're increasing the exp boost to 30% there (previously it was 20%).

What's more, we have been observing the development of economics in our game for a long time. As you're probably aware, over time there is a huge inflation that cannot be stopped in any way. Every new player, who is just starting an adventure in our game cannot buy Puar nor Premium with Zenis in game because he will simply not be able to afford it. As a result many players resign from the game after a short time of playing. We've been thinking a lot recently, how to minimize the economic difference between mid and end game. The one and only solution is to significantly decrease the loot from high level monsters (400+). This is the time, when the big inflation appears and the high level players can earn from several hundred thousand zenis up to a million per hour. Such a cash turnover contributes to the massive price increases of premium coin and more. We want the economy to be more stabilized and to make new players to be able to buy Premium or Puar for cash in game.
Furthermore, on the beginning of the adventures players cannot afford bonus reveal gadgets 1.5 or 1.4. We decided that items dropped from normal monsters and Single Species will be automatically revealed. We believe that change will make your game more enjoyable.

Patch note:

  • added ingame anticheat system; player caught on using illegal software will be permanently banned,
  • from now on, every solo player will have his task kill points in CC Lab. doubled,
  • added a new menu to the "Team" window which can be displayed after using RMB on the player's avatar (e.g. kick player from Team),
  • significantly decreased DMG of all the monsters (including bosses) in Robotic Island,
  • increased loot rate of pearl in Robotic Island,
  • significantly decreased the loot of monsters 400+ lvl,
  • from now on, items dropped by normal and single specie monsters will have their bonuses revealed automatically,
  • from now on, ESC button will focus on NPC windows first,
  • from now on, Perfect Wasp-0.3 will deal DMG only on one floor,
  • from now on, Buu returns to his basic form while getting on Kinto,
  • fixed an issue, where Buu was standing on Kinto instead of sitting after relog,
  • added an option to remove "You are exhausted" notification in Logs channel,
  • from now on, non aggressive monster will become aggressive after being attacked by supporting character,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to use Zanzoken on another player if there was a camera or Puar on the same SQM,
  • from now on, every player who lost his level 90 on Future Earth will be moved to Heaven,
  • from now on, after changing character class by using Medical Machine, Bulma will notify us about blessings loss,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes the number of critical damage on player or dummy was not bold after using passive of Magic Materialization technique,
  • improved the performance of Techniques Bar,
  • set a limit of Fire Opals to 1000.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 09 / 09 Pearl Event

Warriors! This Friday we prepared something shiny for you!

The name of the upcoming event is Pearl Event. The first thing you need to know is that you will be able to collect Pearls this week!

Rarity of pearls depends on Monster's level, e.g. if you hunt low level monsters, then you should not expect to loot Red or Golden pearls. Here is the whole list with Monster's level ranges and loot:

Lv. 1-29 Monsters
Black Pearl

Lv. 30 - 89 Monsters
Black Pearl
Blue Pearl

Lv. 90-149 Monsters
Blue Pearl
Purple Pearl

Lv. 150-400 Monsters
Purple Pearl
Red Pearl

Lv. 400+ Monsters
Red Pearl
Golden Pearl

Note that, if your level is twice higher than monster's level then you won't be able to loot pearls from it. We've added such protection, so low level players will not have to worry about some high level occupying their hunting spots.

All you have to do is to have a little bit of free time. Are you ready to test your luck with looting most precious jewellery?!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 09 / 08 Update 2.5.0

Hello dear players!

A gate to Robotic Island in CC Lab. has been unlocked! To pass through you need to complete 1st and 2nd task room + you need to possess a pass which can be purchased for Strange Crystals at NPC Lab. Warehouseman. The gate is located in the way of task rooms. After entering the Island, each player will have 30 minutes (the time resets after Global Save) to fight with monsters. It pauses while fighting with bosses though. Don't forget to say "Hi" to NPC Pinach there, since he might be interested in trading your Boss Tokens.

Many of you like questing and tasking, that's why along with today's update we're adding a possibility to repeat daily missions on both, Regular and Future Earth. Due to that fact, there will be more fights with bosses and it means more epic items in game! We hope, it will encourage you to visit Professor Tusk and Emradel more often.

Some time ago, we promised that there will be an option to resign from RNG of loot from World Boss - Cell. After today's patch, players who participated in defeating Cell will get an item called "Single Cell". You will be able to sell such item to other players or simply open it to get a loot. Keep in mind, that Villain Backpack and Perfect Cell's Wings will be still available directly after killing Cell. It won't be possible to loot such items from "Single Cell". In addition, we added a special bar, which will show you your loot progress.

Recently, NPC Rubio has been complaining about the lack of customers. We're trying to keep him in business, that's why after today's update, completing the Rubio quest will no longer be required to upgrade the jewellery. However, you need to complete it to be able to trade with him. He also mentioned that Escargo needs your help again but you can help him only, if you own a license to trade jewellery.

Many players have been complaining about most common (bronze and silver) treasure chests. We decided to make some small changes regarding keys crafting. It will be easier to get materials but it will cost more Zeni. In addition, some new monsters can now drop Dino Bones, Emeralds and Rubies. Feel free to check it out in RotSpedia (tablet in quest pouch).

Patch note:

  • fixed a bug, where player could have opened 2, the same chat tabs,
  • fixed a bug, where it was not possible to use Ki Wall on Kinto's shadow,
  • from now on, it is possible to rope player from a hole with some objects on it,
  • fixed a bug, where DMG% for melee attacks did not increase upon activation of Hidden Potential,
  • fixed a bug with Monster Zone Event which sometimes caused server crashes,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to lock items in Quest Pouch,
  • increased experience for mini actions (fissures, mimics, bosses),
  • from now on, killing a boss will give 15 task kills in daily and CC Lab. tasks,
  • improved description of "Agility" skill, so now it informs players that it works on melee attacks only,
  • from now on, after clicking on the "F" icon on the Menu Bar, list of our social media will appear,
  • fixed a bug, where player was not stunned while using map click,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to reach 100% tenacity; the cap is set to 70%,
  • added Dino Bone, Ruby and Emerald to some monsters' loot - more info can be found in RotSpedia in game,
  • fixed a system of visual effect, which should appear after rewarding players with item or exp,
  • fixed a graphic effect (shader) on Gummy Embrace; after using it on ally it will loop for 7s, not 4s,
  • from now on, banishment will apply the whole account, not the server,
  • improved displaying of Warnings in characters list,
  • added a notification regarding blessings loss after changing class using Medical Machine,
  • fixed an issue, where Dende's melee attacks have been delayed a bit by e.g. using Senzu Beans,
  • from now on, after changing a class by Shenlong wish, player does not lose his blessings nor future energy,
  • from now on, player does not need to unequip while changing class by Shenlong wish,
  • from now on, Energy Bar is different for each class,
  • fixed a bug, when after dying player had to unequip and equip back all the items with Ki and Hp regen to make them 'working',
  • from now on, it is possible to use Zanzoken on Puar or Camera,
  • changed price of some jewellery at NPC Rubio,
  • from now on, kills in Daily Tasks from Professor Tusk and NPC Emradel will count in the same way as tasks in CC Lab - for the whole team,
  • removed every !invite and !owner list from houses due to the bug.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.