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2021 / 06 / 18 Pearl Event

Pearl Event is live on the Game Servers! We've already posted detailed info about Pearls on #Sneak-Peek channel, but we'll copy paste it right here in case if someone has not seen it yet.

Lv. 1-29 Monsters

Black Pearl

Lv. 30 - 89 Monsters

Black Pearl
Blue Pearl

Lv. 90-149 Monsters

Blue Pearl
Purple Pearl

Lv. 150-400 Monsters

Purple Pearl
Red Pearl

Lv. 400+ Monsters

Red Pearl
Golden Pearl

We wish you lucky weekend, so you can get the best out of the Pearls you'll loot during it :)

Have fun!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 06 / 12 Update 2.3.0

Hello dear players!

We are aware that Future Earth requires a constant work to meet your expectations, and that's why we keep working to improve it.

Along with today's patch, we'll add a new Daily Mission on Future Earth where new players will be able to get items needed for hunts. In each item you will get two maxed T2 and T3 bonuses, where you can choose the T3 bonus by yourself. In addition, we're increasing the bonuses boost from 35% to 40% on FE. Each bonus will be one tier higher. It means T3 will be the equivalent of T4, and T4 will be the equivalent of T5. Thanks to this change you will be able to wear a cheaper equipment, so your lose after dying won't hurt that much. What's more, we have removed all the experience gates in front of every spawn on our PvP planet. Keep in mind, there will be more changes in the future to make FE as much attractive as possible for PvP players.

After today's global save, you may encounter Fissure on your hunting areas, from where infernal skeletons will come out. Fissure was previously available in the world of Return of the Saiyans, but they didn't have much use. Now, thanks to the infernal essence you will be able to visit new places, be careful!

In the update, there will be small changes related with PvP. Every player who has got purple or black flame will lose his equipment (except the jewellery) on death. Eq can be damaged though and turn into trash (similar rule as on Future Earth). We believe serial killers should face the consequences of their actions on Regular Earth. We know, some of you "received" purple or black flame before this change, that's why we are removing every purple and black flame from players. Keep in mind the frags WON'T be removed. In addition, we fixed an issue where player with orange/purple flame couldn't attack player with green flame while having yellow hand fight mode (attack monsters and skulled players).

Last but not least... Few days ago some furnitures appeared in the premium shop. We have decided to decrease the price for box of star lights from 420 to 50 gems and move it to the "Furniture" category, as most players are using it in their houses instead of equipment slot as a light source. We encourage everyone to visit the shop!

Future Earth:

  • removed experience gates in front of hunting places,
  • added brand new daily mission,
  • increased bonuses boost from 35% to 40%.

Patch note:

  • changed the design of the inventory window - jewelry and trinket has been moved to the first tab,
  • from now on, while having "attack monsters and skulled players" fight mode selected, the player will be able to target and attack players who have got a green flame,
  • from now on players with purple and black flame will always lose their equipment (except jewellery), which can be damaged on death,
  • fixed dragon balls radar; it will no longer show the wrong number of balls on the Earth, it won't be possible to put items on them and also added a small glow on them to make them slightly more visible,
  • fixed vocation change in the Shenlong, from now on players will not lose skills if they have a skill above 100,
  • from now on, it will be possible to put Giant Senzu on action bar,
  • from now on, you can set the opacity of some techniques in the options in the graphics tab; this change will allow players to make the game more clear and visible if they want to,
  • improved description of several techniques,
  • fixed a bug, where players in some cases ended up in front of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber door after death,
  • fixed CD related bug with Perfect Cell's Wings,
  • fixed a bug, where using senzu would cancel Dende's basic attacks,
  • fixed a bug, where Shunkanido went on cooldown while used on player, who was standing in a house that we were not invited to,
  • from now on, shovel will be placed in backpack instead of Quest Pouch; if there are any shovels in players' Quest Pouches already, it will be possible to take them out,
  • added new monsters to RotS world: The Gravedigger, Ghoul, Wraith, Zombie Slaughter, Haunted Zombie,
  • brought back old mini action - Fissure; expect them to spawn on your hunting areas.
  • from now on terrain next to Dabura and Uranai Baba on the Future Earth will have Non-PvP zone instead of Protection Zone.

Premium Shop:

  • changed the price of the box of star lights (premium shop) from 420 to 50 gems,
  • added some furnitures to the Premium Shop,
  • fixed some visual bug in the Premium Shop,
  • from now on, players who bought camera in Premium Shop will also receive 5x reel films,
  • improved description of several furnitures in Premium Shop,
  • adjusted size of mimic chests in Premium Shop.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 06 / 04 Mimic Event

Hello players!

We hope you remember about the Mimic Event, don't you? The chests will appear more often than usual till Monday's global save. Keep in mind that it will be possible to get Cursed Chest Fragments too! The higher monster's level, the higher chance to get better Fragment. Don't forget that killing Mimic doesn't mean there will be a Fragment guaranteed.
Tier 1 Cursed Chest from mimics >= 30
Tier 2 Cursed Chest from mimics > 100
Tier 3 Cursed Chest from mimics > 200
Tier 4 Cursed Chest from mimics >= 400

It will be able to exchange Fragments at NPC Devious Soul. He's located in the Ginger Town Cemetery.

In addition, we added 7 Days Premium Card to our premium shop for 120 gems.

What's more, we'd like to inform you about our new member of Team RotS. It's Rizzou from Brazil - he will join us as a Game Designer.

Last but not least, we would like to apologize because we couldn't make the "Kamehameha" graphic changes on time. Of course you can expect them to be done in next update.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.