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2023 / 09 / 26 Chest Event

Chest Event!

During this weekend you will be able to collect Chests. Rarity of Chests depends on Monster's level, e.g. if you hunt low level monsters, then you should not expect to loot Diamond Chests. Here is the whole list with Monster's level ranges and loot:

Lv. 1-29 Monsters
Bronze Chest

Lv. 30 - 89 Monsters
Bronze Chest
Silver Chest

Lv. 90-149 Monsters
Silver Chest
Golden Chest

Lv. 150-400 Monsters
Golden Chest
Platinum Chest

Lv. 400+ Monsters
Platinum Chest
Diamond Chest
Emerald Treasure Chest
Amethyst Treasure Chest

Note that, if your level is twice higher than monster's level then you won't be able to loot chests from it. We've added such protection, so low level players will not have to worry about some high level occupying their hunting spots.

All you have to do is to have a little bit of free time. Are you ready to make some extra money?!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2023 / 09 / 16 Update 2.12.4

Dear Saiyans!

Today we will make some changes to Janemba Event. After the first several events, we noticed that players didn't have enough time to fight during the event and we want to change it. From now on, there will be markers on minimap showing some information about the event, because only one portal can spawn Janemba. In addition, the bosses will now spawn as waves, not all at the same time. Each boss will spawn 60 seconds after the previous one is killed. We also noticed your disappointment when Janemba didn't appear, and that was because we wanted the boss to be very rare with awesome loot. However, due to your comments, we are changing our approach in this matter, and Janemba will now appear from the main portal as the final boss every time, but with significantly lower chances of good loot. We're also aware of not dealing enough damage issue. Therefore, from now on, to count as defeating a boss or portal, you need to deal:
DPS = 1% DMG,
Half tank = 0.75% DMG,
Tank = 0.25% DMG,
Support = 0.25% DMG.
What's more, each boss will now have a unique progress bar (similar to Cell's), so everyone will know if they dealt enough damage already or not. (This change applies to Janemba bosses only for now, but it's most likely we will add it to Clan Bosses too).

Patch note

  • added markers with tooltips on minimap showing some information about the event,
  • from now on, Lost bosses will spawn one by one,
  • increased the spawn rate of Janemba to 100%, but significantly reduced its loot,
  • adjusted damage requirements to receive loot basing on class,
  • added progress bar for all Janemba bosses.

P.S In the next few days, you can expect a small annoucement about Janemba Event. We are planning to make it available on Regular Earth as well, so it will be hosted alternately on both Future Earth and Regular Earth.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2023 / 09 / 13 Boss Event

Greetings Saiyans!

This weekend we'll host another event! Between Global Saves on Friday and Monday Bosses will spawn more often than usual! In addition, each defeated boss will give you a boss points! Happy hunting!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.