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2021 / 08 / 03 Universum Future Earth

Hello players!

Are you bored during your summer time?
Universum Future Earth is launching very soon! Get ready, Saiyans!
Start time: August 18, 18:00 CET / 13:00 GMT-3

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 07 / 28 Update 2.4.3

Hello players!

End of the month is soon, so we hope you don't forget about the new rewards for Team Fight Event! In addition, in today's patch we fixed teams matchmaking so there should no longer be two teams facing each other with different amount of players. There are still some days left, so if you didn't participate or you are not in the top 50, feel free to catch up on it!

Recently, we've been receiving some negative feedback about rewards from Legend of the Fallen King quest as well as about difficulty of this quest related to its level requirement (150). In that case, we decided to change two out of six rewards which are: golden pearl instead of black pearl and diamond chest instead of platinum chest. Everyone who took the rewards already will be able to open these two chests once again. In addition, we lowered HP of some monsters which should make the quest a bit easier to complete.

Patch Note:

  • fixed teams matchmaking in Team Fight Event, from now on there shouldn't be situations where one team has more players than the other,
  • from now on for killing Future Gastonia or Future Zauropelta, player will receive 2 CC lab points instead 1,
  • from now on, Half-tank will increase the experience in Team by 30% (previously it was 25%),
  • from now on, DPS will increase the experience in Team by 20% (previously it was 25%),
  • changed the maximum amount of Clan Members to 50 (after donating appropriate amount of PVP points),
  • added all the needed NPCs related with The Wish Quest,
  • changed two rewards in Legend of the Fallen King quest; Black Pearl into Golden Pearl and Platinum Chest into Diamond Chest,
  • lowered the HP of some monsters in Legend of the Fallen King Quest,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to use "Telekinesis" technique through objects, e.g. walls,
  • fixed DMG from Goku's Kamehameha and Double Kamehameha; sometimes the techniques did not deal damage at all,
  • returned experience and blessings for server issues which happened on July 20 and caused many players to die.

Character balance:

Limit Reduction:

  • After using the technique, Dende gets 30% movement speed boost for 6 seconds.


As Gohan is perceived as the strongest DPS in game, we've decided to change his survivability to make him a bit more difficult to play solo. We still want to keep his position as a glass cannon, that's why we're not planning to make any changes to his Damage in the near future.

Tenma Defense:

  • set CD of this technique on 60 seconds, in addition Ki Barrier works only for 5 seconds after using the technique,

Study Time:

  • Decreased Healing Effectiveness from 25% to 20%.

We'll keep monitoring these changes and tweak them if it is necessary.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 07 / 20 Update 2.4.0

Hello dear players!

We've got a bunch of news for you! Everything can be read in Patch Note. In next few days, there will be some hotfixes and probably a slightly characters balance.

The Wish

"My diary.
Jinguru Village. Year 183 of the Divine Calendar.

When I turned 40, I decided to fulfil my dream. I will find the legendary altar of power, and below I will write to you my adventures, and maybe one day you will reach where I am, or further!..."

Legend of the Fallen King

"...And because of this, undeads, demons and other creatures roam the planet instead of living deep below Earth. New Leader of Hell (because he can't be called as King) is Dabura. Although he did well in judging souls, he didn't manage to rule over Hell.

The Legends say that faithful servants hid the King of Hell somewhere in his treasury. Vampire Lords, the most faithful ones decided to defend the chambers to this day. They say they will protect the King from unworthy blood. Apparently, they hid Him in gold and jewels and other riches that living creatures never dreamed of..."

Clan Wars

We're aware you are thirsty of fights, and we want to bring you an opportunity to compete in PvP! After today's global save donating PvP Points will be worth it. For every 5000 points donated, one more player will be able to join a Clan. There is no limit of players, everything depends on PvP Points now. In addition, the clan wars will be more fair. It means it won't be possible to leave the clan during a war and the Leader won't be able to disband it or add any new player. Last but not least - from now on if player has got PZ Lock (PvP) while dying, the PvP Blessing will reduce 50% experience instead of 90%, and in addition player will lose all the energy and Loot Blessing. We hope it will encourage you to fight and compete. Obviously, there will be more changes related to Clans in future!

Future Earth

After today's global save our equipment will be safe while dying by another player on Future Earth. Instead of blessings from Regular Earth, Future Energy will appear which will boost our bonuses and will protect us from losing experience after death in both, PvE and PvP. The energy can be filled by Future Orbs (1 orb = 1 energy point) or High Class Future Orbs (1 orb = 2 energy points) which can be looted from every monster living on FE. Recently, Emradel collected so many Orbs that he's ready to sell some for 30 000 zeni each. Please remember, that after dying in PvP, half amount of our orbs from Future Energy will go to our killer.

Movement Speed

We have significantly changed system of Movement Speed skill. From now on, the transformations will no longer grant a % increase of movement speed. Why did we decide to make such a change? Well, it's because the game is not adapted to the high speeds at which the players were moving, the screen often lagged and the character was stepping back sometimes. In addition, from now on there are no movement speed stages, it means that each movement speed skill or item that you equip will grant you slight movement speed increase which should be noticeable within the game. Certainly, these are not all changes regarding MS. We are planning to make some more Movement Speed fixes and changes in the next few days, so please think twice before buying items with movement speed bonuses, unless you already have one.

Team Fight Event

We're pleased to announce that we finally enable rewards for PvP ranks.
What more, every player who loses the Event will get a consolation prize - one black or blue pearl (depending on the level range).

Monster Zone

We know that this event might be a bit boring. First of all, we fixed the appearance of waves in each level range. Sometimes it happened that the waves did not appear at all. During the fight on arenas you will be able to meet new bosses. The colour of the boss will depend on the arena's background. Remember that defeating the boss guarantees additional rewards, and for the lucky ones, even a Puar skin. Additionally, if you finished the Event before the time's up, you will be able to leave it before the system automatically kicks you out.

Chat channels

We did a little cleanup with the channels. We removed the "English" channel and replaced it with the "Global" channel, which became the main channel, every player with a minimum 5 level will be able to send 1 message per 10 seconds. We have removed the Help channel - remember that you can ask for help on any channel, and additionally you have access to the helpdesk (ctrl + h). Instead of the "Default" channel, "Local" will appear, where players can see the latest messages sent nearby. We also removed "Trade" channel and all the trade offers can be written on "Global"channel.

Premium & Kinto

For some time you may have noticed that players are not getting a free premium account when creating a new account. The ability to fly for free on Kinto for 3 days after completing the quest is still possible, but now the requirement is level 30. We made this decision due to complaints from players unaware that Kinto is a Premium Feature and they felt as after 7 days we were taking away some of their opportunities, such as just flying kinto or using Capsules ... Now every player will be aware that these Features are part of the Premium Account.

Hall of Fame

Everyone wants some fame, right? Now, you will have a chance to shine in Return of the Saiyans world! We're adding Hall of Fame with 3 statues. They will display 3 different names - one of them will show Top Clan and the next two will show players with the most PvP Points and monthly PvP Points. Remember, that even your name can be on one of them!

Patch Note:

  • changed the characters speed system of walking,
  • from now on, it is possible to reach level 435,
  • added The Wish Quest,
  • added Legend of the Fallen King Quest,
  • added a possibility to increase the amount of Clan members,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to leave, disband or invite new members to Clan during a war,
  • from now on, if player has got PZ Lock (PvP), the PvP Blessing will reduce 50% experience instead of 90%, and in addition player will lose all the energy and Loot Blessing,
  • from now on, after dying while having purple or black flame, our items won't be trashed; all will be inside our soul, including backpack,
  • fixed Zanzoken in Monster Zone Event,
  • improved the display of numbers in house auctions; it should be more legible now,
  • from now on, the highscores section on website will show players who reached a given level of skills first,
  • added "search" to Stash,
  • from now on, after using the modern military compass item (available from Hunter Squad), it will show the closest excavation on the minimap,
  • from now on, every player after entering the Team Fight Event will have all positive and negative conditions and food removed,
  • from now on, after pressing the exit button at the gym, the exp boost won't renew,
  • added a new hotkey - autofly on Kinto,
  • from now on Professor Tusk will inform players about how much experience they received from Daily Task,
  • fixed visual bug, where Recovery appeared also on Dende while he was healing an ally,
  • from now on, the Mystic Attack (Piccolo) and Gummy Embrace (Majin) techniques have priority set to Team Member even if a monster is selected,
  • added Rich Presence on Discord,
  • from now on, after getting on Kinto, players should not lose HP,
  • added a level requirement (30) for Kinto Quest,
  • from now on, players will no longer receive a free premium after creating an account,
  • added an option "check" after clicking RMB on item which will allow to check the item in ROTSpedia,
  • improved description of the following bonuses: LESS DMG, MORE DMG, DMG, Heal effectiveness, Critical chance, Dodge chance,
  • made some changes in Chat channels,
  • added new bosses to Monster Zone Event,
  • fixed the appearance of waves in each level range in Monster Zone Event,
  • from now on, Supporting Characters should no longer disappear after getting on Kinto or using Shunkanido,
  • fixed matchmaking on Team Fight Event,
  • from now on, player will receive notifications from Bulma if he receives a reply on Helpdesk,
  • from now on, players will be able to check every single specie monster in ROTSpedia,
  • fixed some visual bugs in ROTSpedia,
  • fixed a bug with minimizing the Battle & VIP list windows,
  • improved the updater, from now on it only downloads missing files, and the program forces it to be run as an administrator,
  • changed the Kamehameha colour to blue,
  • added tooltips with descriptions to all blessings,
  • enabled rewards for monthly PVP Points,
  • added consolation prizes for losing a Team Fight Event,
  • decreased the amount of monsters on respawns with Goldenscythe Devils and Crystalscythe Devils,
  • added Hall of Fame in West Capitol,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to use Shunkanido to player who is a soul.

Future Earth:

  • from now on, our equipment will be safe when dying on Future Earth,
  • added Future Energy, which will prevent from losing the experience and will add a boost to bonuses,
  • from now on, it's possible to buy Future Orbs from NPC Emradel for 30 000 zeni,
  • fixed a bug, where daily "Drones" mission was blocked if we completed other missions,
  • from now on, if a monster does MOST DMG, and the player will just last hit another player, death will count as from the player's hand, not the monster's,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to use Shunkanido from Future Hell to Regular Earth,
  • from now on, Future Uranai Baba will teleport us to Future Hell even if we are on Kinto,
  • added a possibility to do CC Lab quests on Future Earth, for each killed Future Monster we will get 2 kill points and for Enraged 3,
  • from now on, monsters with level 400+ will decrease Heal Effectiveness by 50% instead of 60%,
  • changed graphically Nature on Future Earth.

Changes to Food & Useable items from Hunter Squad

hp regen: 350-450 + 18-20%
cd: 1.5s
cost: 150 zeni

Heals for 18 to 20% health instantly.
Additionally, it adds 350 to 450 health.

Bottle of water
regen: 400-500 + 15-17%
cd: 1.5s
cost: 150 zeni

Regenerates 15 to 17% Ki points instantly.
Additionally, it adds 400 to 500 Ki points.

First aid kit
regen hp: 60%
regen ki: 50%
cd: 90s
cost: 5,000 zeni

Regenerates 60% health and 50% Ki points instantly.
CD: 90 seconds.

Military canned food
hp regen: 5%
ki regen: 5%
exp: + 2%
regen time: 300s
cost: 3300 zeni

Regenerates 750% health and Ki points over 5 minutes.
Additionally, it provides 2% experience boost during that time.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.