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New Universum Launch


2021 / 11 / 29 Test Server

Greetings, Saiyans!

The works on Bulma are nearly finished! Would you like to be the first to see her in action? Wanna get some knowledge about her and her gameplay before official release? Or maybe you want to test our brand new Quest Log System? Now, you've got a chance! Join our test server and help us improve the game! There will be gem rewards for players who find critical bugs as well as unique Kinto Skin for the best testers! The official test server will open on December 3, at 18:00 (CET)! We are waiting for your help!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 11 / 25 Newcomer Event

Jack, the Hunter once again will arrive into outskirts of the West Capitol this weekend (26 - 29 October).

Make sure to pay him a visit, as he surely prepared a lot of great tasks and rewards.
Good Luck!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 11 / 24 Black Friday

Greetings, players!

We're launching a Black Friday Week! All the skins will be able to purchase with 40% discount until November 30. There will be also a small discount on backpacks. Feel free to visit our Premium Shop

PS. We're happy to announce that Tutor Johnx (Universum Supreme)/John Hawk (Universum Future Earth) advanced to Senior Tutor,

Best Regards,
RotS Team.