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2021 / 02 / 09 Update 2.1.19

The open days for new houses in West Capitol ended now. There are 41 new properties which you can buy just after you log in to the game. To do that, simply use "!buyhouse" command in the front of the main door.

NPC Rubio has been complaining about the number of the customers recently. That's why he decided to lower the prices of his services. From now on, the price will depend on the jewellery class. Here is the new price list:

Low class jewellery:
+1 - 0 zeni
+2 - 0 zeni
+3 - 0 zeni

Medium class jewellery:
+1 - 5 000 zeni
+2 - 10 000 zeni
+3 - 20 000 zeni

High class jewellery:
+1 - 50 000 zeni
+2 - 150 000 zeni
+3 - 300 000 zeni

Unique class jewellery:
+1 - 150 000 zeni
+2 - 500 000 zeni
+3 - 1 000 000 zeni

Obviously, we didn't forget about Valentine's Day! Since today, you will be able to find lovely hearts on the ground (only floor 0). They will spawn randomly (similar to excavations) and NPC Alice will exchange them for some small gifts. You can find her near southern exit of West Capitol. In addition, you can find some unique Valentine Skins in our premium shop. The whole event will last until 22nd of February.

Patch note:

  • from now on, the trade window at NPC Warehouseman (CC Lab.) and upgrading jewellery window at NPC Rubio should close automatically after walking away few SQMs of the NPCs,
  • from now on, switching jewellery using RMB should work properly,
  • added new option in the Option Menu - Select next target using "Fast Target" hotkey,
  • from now on, it should no longer split stackable items (above 100) if we move them in stash container,
  • from now on, the nickname of the house owner is also visible on the windows,
  • fixed a bug with tapestries, so they should not disappear anymore from exterior walls,
  • from now on, the target selection should not disappear after receiving damage from techniques which move back the player,
  • decreased the duration of all the Event food from 15 to 10 minutes,
  • added Supreme Set to Mimics' drop.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 01 / 31 Update 2.1.15

Hello dear players!

Today, we're implementing another new thing to the Return of the Saiyans world, which will make your gameplay a bit easier. You will find an additional container for creature products inside the capsule. It will be possible to keep even 9999 products in one stack there. We believe that sorting stackable items after long hunts will be much easier now and scrolling and reviewing the backpacks won't be needed anymore!

Obviously, it's not all what we've got for you. There are lots of changes in today's patch and all the information can be read below. In addition, we'd like you to check out our premium store where you can find some good offers!

Patch note:

  • added an effect to Goku's passive techique "Will of Fight" - active only with 10 stacks,
  • fixed "Risking it all for a Friend" technique, where Piccolo bugged Saga creatures even if he didn't have any missions on them,
  • added Stash Container in Capsule for stackable items,
  • fixed a visual bug, where character was walking into another character; from now on, attempt to walk into another character will cancel the move,
  • fixed a bug, where players received damage from monsters while being in PZs,
  • from now on, Dende will no longer be able to heal players outside PZ while being in PZ,
  • from now on, Dende will no longer be able to heal players while being on Kinto,
  • fixed a bug with Daily Tasks, where sometimes it counted double amount of kills,
  • fixed description of "High Strike" technique, so it shows proper technique duration now,
  • fixed "Double Kamehameha" technique, so it does not reset the cooldown of "Ten Times Kamehameha" anymore,
  • fixed description of "Respectul Combat" technique; we specified that it works on Melee attacks only,
  • fixed a bug with Quest Pouch, where it was possible to put everything inside there,
  • added a notifiaction after receiving a new delivery in the mailbox in capsule,
  • added a new option "Automatically confirm dragging stackable items" for players who were used to the previous system,
  • fixed a bug with battle window, when sometimes players and monsters disappeared from it,
  • fixed a typo in "Pilaf Castle",
  • from now on, markers on minimap should update along with player's level,
  • from now on, markers on minimap should scale basing on the zoom level of minimap,
  • fixed a CAM system, so it should no longer glitch streams in game.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

2021 / 01 / 16 Update 2.1.14

Hello dear players!

Last week, we've created a poll regarding one more Team Fight Event a day. You decided that we should add it. So here you are - after today's patch, an additional Team Fight Event will appear everyday at 09:00 CET (03:00 EST).

For a long time, players have been complaining that there is no safe option to transfer items between characters. It will change along with today's patch. We added a post office in every city where you can send packages. Keep in mind, that you need to put label with the receiver's name inside the parcel. The delivery will be able to receive in depot of every city, in the special mailbox.

In addition, feel free to visit our Premium Shop! You can find there some discounts on Konkichi puar skin, Floating Rock kinto skin as well as Dragon Ball backpack!

Patch note:

  • players with PZ Lock (after attacking other player) won't be teleported to the event anymore,
  • fixed an issue where player was not teleported to the event after re-logging while being already signed up,
  • from now on, the game window won't pop up on top for players who did not sign in for the event,
  • fixed a bug, where player was not getting damage while being on the same SQM as Camera or Puar,
  • from now on, Gohan's Fight Essences increases properly after using any technique,
  • reverted previous changes with Life and Ki drain bonuses, but added a small change to them (more info below),
  • added one more daily Team Fight at 09:00 CET (03:00 EST) time,
  • minor Goku and Dende balance changes (more details below),
  • from now on, Death Skull Release technique which is used by Vampire, Fallen Angel and Metal Cooler affects only the next technique that player uses instead of all techniques for 3 seconds,
  • from now on, players will not lose their monthly PvP points after donating Points for Clan,
  • added package which can be used to pack xmas decoration and chests opened in a house. The package can be bought at Post Offices,
  • the confirmation window will no longer appear after dragging stackable items; it will appear only when players will hold CTRL button while dragging the items,
  • fixed a bug where players disappeared from the battle list if there were more than 10 characters on the same SQM; in addition players will not disappear in the crowd what caused lag after going out from the stack,
  • from now on, it is possible to use Zanzoken on dead player (soul),
  • fast targeting any character on the battle list or in game window will no longer increase attack speed,
  • fixed creatures' path so they should not block themselves on objects anymore,
  • deleted protection zone on the edges of South Capitol,
  • added mailbox system so players can finally send packages to each other.


Will of Fight

  • from now on stacks start to decrease after 5 seconds instead of 3 seconds of melee inactivity,


Range of basic attacks reduced from 7 SQM to 5 SQM.


Life Drain:
increased max value from 40 to 60.
% Life Drain:
increased max value from 1% to 5%.
KI Drain
increased max value from 20 to 60.
% Ki Drain
increased max value from 0.60% to 5%.

Additionally, 10% of the bonuses value works on techniques.

PS. Mimic event has started and will last until 18.01.2021 11:00 (CET)!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.