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2023 / 01 / 11 Update 2.8.10

Patch note:

  • added new dungeon - UG128,
  • changed loot for each difficulty level in dungeons:
    easy: 100% -> 90%,
    medium: no changes
    hard: 120% -> 135%
    extremely hard: 130% -> 150%
  • added new Kinto skins, which can be purchased for UG Tokens at npc Agent J,
  • added a possibility to focus your KI on healing abilities (Nanotechnology for Bulma),
  • from now on, tablet will constantly scan players' HP and KI and automatically apply Senzu Beans on them in the right moment,
  • changed the algorithm of matchmaking in Team Fight Event,
  • from now on, fished crabs will disappear after 60 seconds of being undamaged,
  • replaced PvP statue (overall) with PvE statue (based on Exp Tokens),
  • opened hunting area with Destroyers and Future Destroyers near North Capitol,
  • from now on, killing Enraged Monster in Future Daily Monster will count as 2 kills and boss as 15 kills,
  • from now on, time of premium account will be displayed more clearly (hours and minutes counter added),
  • added mini boss for Advanced Cooler and Future Advanced Cooler.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed animation of Capsule (Depot) in Capsule Corporation,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes the halo would not disappear after leaving heaven/hell,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes player who died on Future Earth went to Heaven and lost experience as for dying on Regular Earth,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes Bulma could use Flamethrower through walls,
  • fixed a bug, where Study Time technique did not stack with passive technique of Bio Set - Bio Salutem,
  • fixed an issue, where passive technique of Bio Set - Bio Salutem did not work after dying.

Character Balance changes
Tenma Defense

  • Ki Shield: 15% -> 12%

Full Control

  • Dodge 30% -> 40%