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2023 / 11 / 22 Update 2.12.18

Patch note:

  • from now on, players who are not teleported to event due to odd number of players will receive PvP points maximum 2 times per day (previously, it was 4 times),
  • from now on, Stone of Haste will grant 80% movement speed instead of 25%,
  • enlarged tunnels between caves on Gobisaurus and Shamosaurus on Future and Regular Earth.

Balance changes
Full Control;

  • reduced duration time from 4.5s to 4s,
  • decreased dodge chance from 40% to 30%.


  • increased cooldown from 30s to 180s.

Tenma Defense:

  • increased shield amount from 14% to 15%.

Air Strike:

  • lowered cooldown from 3s to 1.5s (credits to @jockesomfan),
  • from now on, the shield can be stacked up to 50% of ally's maximum health,
    Supporting Drone:
  • from now on the drones do not leave their targets, but the Ki Regen condition will work only in a range of 11 SQMs between the player and Bulma,
    Melee Attacks:
  • changed Bulma's attacks into ranged and made them AoE but also lowered the fist fighting ratio,

Final Explosion:

  • from now on, the passive effect from the Shenlong wish will deal 20% more damage in PvE without activation of Smell of Fear(credits to @_perceu),
    Smell of Fear:
  • from now on, the bar can be filled in PvP by attacking players with less than 80% health instead of 50%.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a visual issue, where range of Big Bang Attack were not visible after hovering the cursor over the technique bar,
  • fixed some visual issues with implants from Dr Brief's store,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes rewards from Gero Chests were dropped under the characters,
  • fixed a visual issue, which suggested that it was possible to gain 4th bonus for free in maximum 3 tiers items,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to use Stone of Haste in backpack,
  • fixed a bug with teleportation devices, where sometimes it was not teleporting some players,
  • once again added some improvements to the Gero Lab and TFE algorithm, so that every player who was not teleported to event received appropriate rewards.