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2024 / 02 / 19 Update 2.13.0

Patch note:

  • added a premium bundle to the Premium Shop (30 days premium, 30 days puar, 30 days full sub to home assistant),
  • added Skirmish Grounds system,
  • added new Android tasks to NPC Beowulf,
  • added a possibility to repeat the Android tasks,
  • added new Android Sets including passive and active effects,
  • added new passive ability to Super Janemba Set,
  • added Super Janemba Horn trinket with active effect,
  • added Scanning Drone and Detonator to UG shop,
  • added level difficulty display during UG dungeons,
  • increased experience gain for solo and duo players while doing UG dungeons,
  • from now on, difficulty levels for UG Space Ships will guarantee additional bosses,
  • from now on, defeating each additional boss during UG missions will guarantees 10 UG Tokens,
  • added Clan Skirmish Equalizer system to partially balance fights on Future Earth in terms of level and amount of players,
  • optimized some windows and backpacks positions save to prevent FPS drops during enlarging or minimizing them,
  • added an option to change bonuses in items using Bonus Reveal Gadgets (v 1.3, v 1.4 and v 1.5),
  • added Bonus Reroll Gadget to Dr Brief's shop which will allow to change the value of the bonus (one time use item),
  • improved the Monkey Saga description in Quest Window,
  • added non ki wall zone for Clan and World Bosses,
  • improved non Shinryu Set items granted from Shenlong wish; from now on, they will have at least T5, T5, T4 bonuses,
  • added an option "Buy with backpack" at Premium NPC,
  • added Emerald Pearl as a loot chance from Grim Essence,
  • increased Movement Speed granted by Stone of Haste trinket from 25 to 30,
  • from now on, digging excavation will have a chance to give 2-3 exp crystals (previously it was 1-3),
  • increased the amount of bronze, silver, golden, platinum treasure keys while digging excavations,
  • from now on, it won't be possible to use the 'follow' option with PZ Lock,
  • increased the number of Fallen Angels on mountains in Hell and Future Hell,
  • added new hunting areas with Zauropeltas and Gastonias in the Papaya Island undergrounds on Future and Regular Earth,
  • separated hunting grounds for Oozaru (South Capitol) and Armored Oozaru (Jungle),
  • added NPC avater to home assistant.

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed Farmer Bobby Quest.