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2024 / 02 / 22 Update 2.13.2

Patch note:

  • added a piece of hardened titanium as a loot from Skirmish Boss Token,
  • added a golden droplet as a loot from Chrysos,
  • removed loot of Skirmish Exp Token from Skirmish Boss Token,
  • removed possibility to enter Skirmish Grounds before 150 level,
  • decreased damage done by monsters and bosses on Skirmish Grounds by 8%,
  • from now on, after breaking the Android Orb, monsters will appear every 0.25s, which will significantly reduce their combos,
  • from now on, experience gained from collecting the Skirmish Exp Token is now accumulated and granted to the player upon leaving the arena.
  • from now on, experience gained on Skirmish Ground is properly affected by items such as implants or food, as well as by exp boost,
  • from now on, the Skirmish Loot Token gives 5x more loot, but the chance to receive it is reduced by 5x, allowing players to open loot faster.