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2024 / 03 / 14 Update 2.13.4

Patch note:

  • added Toriyama Event to the Events pool,
  • added Hyperbolic Time Chamber tickets to the Premium Shop,
  • added Golden Bonus Booster,
  • from now on, after using Advanced Bonus Gadget (Dr Brief) twice, the player will be able to choose a bonus instead of receiving a random one,
  • adjusted price of Upgrade Gadget (Dr Brief) from 4kk and 4 exp coins to 3kk and 5 exp coins,
  • from now on, after using the Bonus Reveal Gadget item (v 1.5), player will be able to choose Melee Range bonus or change it to any other bonus with the lowest value,
  • from now on, Golden Shovel will increase the chances of digging Fire Opals and Experience Crystals (credits to @kylledz),
  • from now on, the notification about a PvP raid on Skirmish Grounds will no longer block character movement,
  • from now on, after declining a raid on Skirmish Grounds, the player will have a CD for another notification for 10 minutes, but during this time he will still be able to be raided,
  • doubled the HP of Android Arbiter on Skirmish Grounds,
  • increased the search time for raiding players on Skirmish Grounds; the notification will no longer pop up every few seconds,
  • disabled a possibility to raid a player who is fighting with a boss on Skirmish Grounds,
  • added price for all Android sets and chests,
  • added Android Sets to Amethyst Treasure Chest (credits to @brasilaco),
  • from now on, Amethyst Treasure Chest will grant only set items (credits to @nehkrun).

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a visual bug with transformation aura for 430+ levels, where it was not visible after TF/Gero Event,
  • fixed an issue, where UG32 and UG64 did not guarantee the 3 bosses on Extremely Hard difficulty,
  • fixed an issue, where player could enter dungeon after signing up for the event,
  • fixed an issue, where player was "removed" from Kinto after he was not teleported to event,
  • fixed an issue with Puar, where it did not pick up tokens on Skirmish Grounds with 2 people in team,
  • removed item placeholder which was located in the RR Soldiers base.