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2024 / 03 / 20 Update 2.13.5

Patch note:

  • added a price to Golden Bonus Booster,
  • added Golden Bonus Booster as a loot from Chrysos,
  • added Golden Bonus Booster to the market,
  • added information about Golden Bonus Booster to the tablet,
  • removed level requirement from Grim Feather trinket,
  • from now on, Skirmish Grounds opens every two hours for one hour,
  • increased HP of robots on Skirmish Grounds by 10%,
  • removed a possibility to obtain Android Chests on Skirmish Grounds,
  • disabled following techniques for Bulma in PvP on Skirmish Grounds: Protect, Shield Charge,
  • increased spawn time for Android Orb on Skirmish Grounds from 30 to 60 seconds,
  • from now on, Android Orb will not spawn if there is any player on screen (this change was made due to macro users),
  • removed Polish, Spanish, Portuguese channels; from now on, every player can type on the Global Channel using any language.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed an issue, where duo players had lower exp than solo players on dungeons,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes player could leave Training Island at level 2,
  • fixed a bug with HP Capsule purchased for UG Tokens, where sometimes it was not possible to use it,
  • fixed a visual bug, where it incorrectly displayed combat information in details of C17, C18, C19 Armor,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to "take out" item from eq on Skirmish Grounds which stored bonuses.