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2021 / 09 / 14 Update 2.5.2

  • added ingame anticheat system; player caught on using illegal software will be permanently banned,
  • from now on, every solo player will have his task kill points in CC Lab. doubled,
  • added a new menu to the "Team" window which can be displayed after using RMB on the player's avatar (e.g. kick player from Team),
  • significantly decreased DMG of all the monsters (including bosses) in Robotic Island,
  • increased loot rate of pearl in Robotic Island,
  • significantly decreased the loot of monsters 400+ lvl,
  • from now on, items dropped by normal and single specie monsters will have their bonuses revealed automatically,
  • from now on, ESC button will focus on NPC windows first,
  • from now on, Perfect Wasp-0.3 will deal DMG only on one floor,
  • from now on, Buu returns to his basic form while getting on Kinto,
  • fixed an issue, where Buu was standing on Kinto instead of sitting after relog,
  • added an option to remove "You are exhausted" notification in Logs channel,
  • from now on, non aggressive monster will become aggressive after being attacked by supporting character,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to use Zanzoken on another player if there was a camera or Puar on the same SQM,
  • from now on, every player who lost his level 90 on Future Earth will be moved to Heaven,
  • from now on, after changing character class by using Medical Machine, Bulma will notify us about blessings loss,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes the number of critical damage on player or dummy was not bold after using passive of Magic Materialization technique,
  • improved the performance of Techniques Bar,
  • set a limit of Fire Opals to 1000.