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2022 / 05 / 31 Update 2.7.5

Patch note:

  • added first UFO dungeon to the game,
  • added equalized arena on Team Fight Event (same eq and skills for everyone),
  • added new biome and stairs (stacking) on two biomes (out of 4) on Team Fight Event,
  • fixed a bug, where players were not able to leave the safe spot on Robotic Island,
  • from now on it is no longer possible to use two Destructive Gale on the same spot,
  • from now on the Perfect Cell's Wings must be equipped in order to use them,
  • decreased DMG from Destructive Gale by 50%,
  • added +200 cap bonus to Grim Feather,
  • from now on, Level Diff on Single Species will not be displayed if the difference is less than 15 levels,
  • fixed a bug with channelling bar in excavation system which sometimes were bugged,
  • from now on Magical Truffle will also provide +3 focus,
  • fixed a bug with skins from Robotic Island, where sometimes it was not possible to use them,
  • moved Safe Spot on last level of Robotic Island to +1 floor,
  • decreased the amount of Garlic Necklaces and Broken Guns required in Hunter Squad Quest,
  • removed crab in the first part of Training Island,
  • fixed some map bugs,
  • fixed an issue where sometimes Rubio didn't take diamonds required for Diamond Kinto,
  • added some improvements in Training Island,
  • from now on, you can properly unpack furnitures with Right Click while having "Use Right Click to pick up items" option turned on,

Character Balance:

  • from now on it is possible to move while charging Study Time technique,
  • increased channelling time of Study Time by 100%,
  • fixed a bug, where sometimes Super Masenko did not extend the movement speed bonus.