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2022 / 06 / 01 Update 2.7.6

Patch note:

  • adjusted HP and XP of Biotic Warriors to amount of players in dungeon; more players = more hp = more experience,
  • from now on, tooltips displaying level difficulty on dungeon will appear much quicker,
  • fixed Hunter Squad missions with Garlic Necklaces and Broken Guns,
  • fixed some issues with Team Fight Event; it will be possible to use senzu and food now,
  • added jewellery as a part of Team Fight Event equipment,
  • from now on, all the eq on TFE will have no bonuses,
  • added helpful signs on Korin Tower so it will be easier to move there,
  • removed animation of sword on Team Fight Event,
  • added more Future Golden Oozarus on the spawn near South Capitol (Future Earth),
  • added level requirement for using Senzu Beans (100),
  • improved client optimization, so the FPS should be more stable.