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2022 / 01 / 11 Update 2.6.10

  • fixed houses daily rent on Universe Bulma,
  • from now on, Ki walls can be casted on drones and summons like Medic/Brolly,
  • fixed summons of monsters like Mummy Charmer; from now on they should attack players properly,
  • fixed a bug where player was not able to get off the Kinto after his premium time expired,
  • disabled command /stop on stream's chat,
  • from now on, technique "Deconcentration" works also on shields casted by Medic from Hunter Squad,
  • fixed a bug, where Bulma was not able to use technique "Air Strike" on objects like boxes,
  • fixed "Protect" technique so the shields absorb all the damage taken before they are fully destroyed.